TARGET: who is this service directed to?
This service is directed to anyone who needs a translation from a foreign language (English, German, Spanish and Portuguese) to Italian and vice versa. Before accepting a translation, Valentina is used to reading the source text in order to identify its features.

WHO does the translation?
The translations to and from English and German are made by Valentina Legnani, while Elena Zanetti deals with Spanish and Portuguese.

We refer to the national price list for professional translator to make an estimate; we also take into consideration the text type and the source language (in case of translations from Italian to foreign languages the price will be higher).

After the analysis of the text, Valentina is able to estimate how long it will take to translate it. Obviously, we aim at complying with the customers’ requests. In any case, we assure the extreme punctuality.

Valentina accept translations from every city: we can translate a text at a distance and keep in touch with customers through e-mails and phone calls.
The final work will be sent to the customers as requested.

For further information, please contact Valentina Legnani:
cell: 0039. 338.1598535

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