PROZ : very interesting website for young translators, because you can get in touch with more expert colleagues, create your own work profile, consult the job offers or ask for some advice. You can also find technical glossaries constantly updated.

HOEPLI : the website of the famous book shop in Milan, very well stocked with dictionaries and grammar books in foreign languages. You can also look up words in the dictionaries online (in Italian, German, English, Spanish and French)

CAMI&CRI-GRAFICA : website of web and publishing design translated by me. Camilla Giannelli and Cristina Piovan created this website.

CAMILEONTE : Camilla Giannelli’s website with notes and news on design, theatre, art and photography. This website was translated by me.

IATE : web search engine very useful for the search for words in bilingual combinations. The semantic fields allow the contextualization of the words.

IMPARARE A TRADURRE : essay by Luisa Martinelli on the translation from German to Italian, supported by textual references and quotations from Umberto Eco’s works.

VIAGGIO IN GERMANIA : very interesting website on Germany: it provides useful information regarding history, geography, culture, tourism and jobs in the German Länder. The section dedicated to translation deserves particular attention: there you can find several links to glossaries and international mailing lists for translators.

BEOWUL RESOURCES : this website provides useful tools for a deep study of the ancient English, German and Scandinavian texts. The links direct you to web pages dealing with literature, palaeography, philology, history, mythology and anthropology

PROJEKT GUTENBERG : praiseworthy literary project promoted by the German newspaper Der Spiegel that collects the original texts (in complete or partial form) written by the most important German and Austrian authors. A website very useful for those who want to read texts in their original language and desire to expand their knowledge on literature.

BIBLIOTHECA AUGUSTANA : website that collects texts in their original language (in complete or partial form) written by the most important European authors, including Latin and Greek works. The texts range from the Middle Ages to modern times.

COMUNE DI MIASINO (NO): historical association Cusius supporting cultural-artistic research project in the region of Cusio (Piedmont).

DE GUSTIBUS NETWORK: association of small producers of wine and food with the aim of promoting their products and sustainable tourism in Tuscany.

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